Tips for Parents

As a parent, you will want to ensure you go over the acceptance package with the resident. This will help to ensure both the resident and you understand the payment schedules, deadlines and all rules and regulations of Residence.

For most students the experience of living in the Residence will be the first time they will be on their own. The staff at the Residence is here to help with this development into adulthood by providing support and assistance to each resident.

At the Residence, we treat each resident as an adult; therefore, all statements, invoices, and refunds are delivered to the resident and we are unable to give out information regarding a resident without their permission. In regards to refunds, cheques are made payable in the resident’s name making it their responsibility to ensure all deadlines are met. Placing this responsibility on the resident will help them in developing a better sense of money and resource management.

We recommend that, if possible, all parents take a tour of the Residence to better understand where the resident will be staying. Our staff is happy to provide you with a tour upon appointment and answer any questions you may have. Room tours are subject to availability.

If the resident is having any challenges or concerns in the Residence, please encourage them to speak with our staff. Our staff is fully trained in dealing with all circumstances that may arise and will work with every resident to ensure they are satisfied with their Residence experience.

Living away from home for the first time may be a scary and lonely experience for some students. Send your son/daughter a card or letter whenever you have a chance. This special little something makes all the difference when they are dealing with the stress of academics and independence.

When the resident starts College they will be extremely busy over the first few weeks. Social activities, academics and settling into a new home and community will take up a lot of their time. We remind you that you may not always be able to get a hold of them when you call and that this is an expected result of joining a college community.

An experience you may hear about is roommate interaction. It is not uncommon for residents to go through an adjustment period when learning to live with someone new. We ask that, if your son/daughter is having difficulty with their roommate, you direct them to their Resident Advisors. This is an important first step in learning how to communicate and develop a good relationship with their roommate.

The Resident Advisors are a team of fellow students who have been hired to act as a resource and guide for the residents. These Resident Advisors go through an extensive training program that is aimed at giving them the necessary skills to deal with any situation that may arise in Residence.