Residence Community Living Standards

1. Residence Community Staff

Our residence staff work hard to ensure that you have a positive experience in residence and at Seneca College. Below is a list of some of those people and their roles.



The Director is responsible for the operation of the Seneca College Residence. The Director is committed to ensuring that your overall experience in Residence is a safe, enjoyable and successful one.



Many of the day-to-day activities associated with “Residence Life” are overseen by the RLM, including supervising the Residence Life Coordinators,and overseeing the judicial process associated with the RCLS. The RLM also oversees the appeal process for all formal and high-level sanctions.



The Residence Life Coordinators are full-time professionals that supervise the Resident Advisors and ensure the successful implementation of the Residence Life Program. They coordinate events, manage student conflicts and follow up with Incident Reports in the community.



The role of the Resident Advisors is to provide support and guidance to residents, while at the same time acting as a liaison with the Residence Life Management Team. They complete nightly rounds of the building and respond to incidents and concerns in the building. If you would like to speak with an RA or have an RA respond to an incident, please call the Front Desk. The Resident Advisors have the tools and knowledge to get you the answers, direction and/or assistance you need for a variety of issues and concerns, or can simply be someone to talk to.



The RSR is always available to help you with any questions you may have about the Residence and the surrounding area. You can find the RSRs at the Front Desk or at extension 5000 (King) or 6000 (Newnham).