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Residence Move-In 2022-2023

We are excited to welcome you to Seneca Residence, your home away from home!

Moving into residence is an exciting time, as for many this is the first time being away from home. To help you prepare for Move-In, we encourage you to review the important information below.

Residence Welcome & Resource Fair

2022/09/05 14:00:00


August 29 – Essential items not to forget! Some of the most commonly forgotten items are, a shower curtain and hooks, can opener and a vacuum. Don’t worry, if you forget to pack one of these items or another essential item, the Residence is running a trip to Walmart on September 11 where you can pick up any items you may have forgotten.

Get your Green QR Code

  • Download the Seneca SAFE App
  • Upload your proof of vaccination to the Seneca SAFE app
  • Get your “Approved” green QR code before August 26 to avoid any Move-In delays

Residents and Helpers without a Green QR code will not be able to move into residence

Book your Move-In Time

Students are able to book their Move-In time slot through the booking link until August 24

Those who have not chosen a date and time will have one selected for them

Arriving at Residence

  • Park in the designated areas:
    • Temporary Parking in front of Residence
  • Park in the designated areas:
    • Residence Front Desk
  • We will be ready to greet you and get you checked into Residence.Please be sure you and your helper have an approved Green QR code ready in the Seneca SAFE App and a valid piece of photo ID.
  • You will be given your room number and further information regarding Move-In.

Two (2) Guests/Helpers will be permitted access to the building; this includes assisting with bringing your items into the building. They will be required to show/scan their green QR code to verify their vaccination status and obtain a wristband from the Front Desk.

Get connected during your first week at residence and learn about available services, policies and resources through our downloadable September 2022 Residence Calendar.

When can I move Into Residence?

  • Move-In will begin September 2, 2022 and will continue until September 5, 2022. Students are able to book their Move-In timeslot through the booking link emailed to them in August.

What happens if I arrive after Move-In Day?

  • If you are unable to move in between September 2-5, please contact the front desk to let us know, so we can prepare for your arrival.
  • Once you arrive to residence, please proceed to the front desk where one of our Residence Service Representatives will be able to help you check-in.

Can I have help moving into Residence?

  • Two (2) Guests/Helpers will be permitted to help you move in; this includes assisting with bringing your items into the building. They will be required to show/scan their green QR code to verify their vaccination status and obtain a wristband from the Front Desk.

Where can I park?

  • When arriving to the Residence, please park in the temporary parking in front of Residence. Once you have completed unloading your vehicle proceed to the closest parking lot on campus.

Is Parking available for Residents after Move-In?

Not sure what you need to bring? Not to worry, you are not alone.

When packing to come to residence, remember to bring the essentials with you. Once you are settled in you and your roommate can determine what you may need for your common spaces.

We have put together a downloadable packing list, to help you narrow down the essential items. Remember if it doesn’t fit in one car, it may not all fit in your suite.

Items not to bring to Residence

  • Hot Plate
  • Halogen Lamps, candles or incense
  • Fridge or freezers
  • Pets
  • Please click here for a full list

The residence community is a place that promotes a safe and peaceful environment that supports the academic success of students as well as their personal and social development. We aim to ensure that it is inclusive, responsible, and respectful.

The Residence Community Living Standards (RCLS) has been created in consultation with students and staff at colleges and universities across Canada to ensure the residence environment achieves this goal.

Download the Residence Community Living Standards

Please continue to monitor Seneca’s Vaccination policy for the most up-to-date information. The Vaccination policy can be found online on the Seneca College website.

Residence students must upload their proof of vaccination to the Seneca SAFE app and have an “Approved” green QR code before arriving to residence.

If a Resident is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, has been notified they should self-isolate, or receives a positive COVID-19 test result, they cannot move into residence until they are cleared by Please notify Residence Staff before coming to campus.

Still have questions?

Contact Us!

If you have any questions, please contact the Residence Front Desk.